BYOD Information

Digital Immersion

At Whangarei Intermediate School all classes are now fully digital. That means every student is to have their own device and will learn/collaborate/share/ investigate/ inquire using our online platform: GAFE Google Apps for Education. As a student you can:

· BYOD (bring your own device)

· Buy a device through the Taitokerau Education Trust by paying as little as $4:60 weekly

· Use the school’s desktops and laptops

We will still use writing equipment and still use a Maths book but most of your learning will take place via your class’ site organised by your teacher. Learning anytime, anywhere, at any pace. More information can be found below on our BYOD Frequently Asked Questions.

Tai Tokerau Education Trust

Tai Tokerau Education partners with Whangārei Intermediate to provide financing of chromebooks at an affordable rate. The Trust also contributes funding towards the professional development of teachers and research of the digital immersion programme. For more information, visit the website

BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

What is BYOD?

Bring your Own Device: Families select a device that meets our minimum specs – so it will do what we need it to do at school – but also meets the needs of the student. The device is a privately owned portable tablet, iPad, netbook, notebook, chromebook or laptop computer.

How much will a device cost? Can it be bought from the school?

The school will not be selling devices however we can arrange the purchase of a Chromebook through the Taitokerau Education Trust who are committed to supporting schools and families moving into a digital world. See Information Sheet about the interest-free purchasing arrangements that the Taitokerau Education Trust offers. You can also purchase your device from any retail outlet or supplier.

If we do not provide a device, will my child be unable to enroll at the school?

Students will not be turned away because they can’t afford a device. Ideally, we want students to take ownership of their learning and to take responsibility for their own device. The Whangarei Intermediate School Board is committed to making BYOD happen for families with financial constraints. However, we will not be providing free devices for students to own and take home. Specifically:

· The Board is committed to doing all we can to facilitate the ownership by families

· Loan devices may be available for some students in some situations

Who is responsible for security and damage?

Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner. Whangarei Intermediate School Board and its staff will not be liable for any device stolen or damaged at school. If a device is stolen or damaged, it should be handled through your normal insurance channels. However the school will co-ordinate warranty and insurance claims for those devices that are purchased outright (or being paid off) from the Taitokerau Education Trust as those devices have individual insurance cover attached.

I’m concerned that my son or daughter will break their device, drop it or lose it.

We will expect students to look after their expensive electronic equipment like they do with their phones. They will all receive classroom programme on caring for their device so that they look after it and they keep it safe – part of learning in life.

How will you stop students playing games and watching movies in class?

The school’s filtering system blocks a large portion of online games and other inappropriate internet sites. Teachers have a dashboard that allows them to view all internet activity being used by all students in class. They can also block activity or put time limits in place so that students remain focused on the tasks at hand e.g. quiet reading time.

Will my child have to sign an agreement?

Yes all students will have to sign a BYOD agreement before devices can be used at school.